Jane started her career in the music and film industries - working for Universal Music, Warner Music and Warner Bros. Pictures respectively. It was Jane's life-long passion for art that inspired the next chapter - and she evolved to become an Exhibition Producer and Executive Producer. However the exhibitions do not follow a 'traditional' gallery format - the exhibitions bring together artists, musicians and filmmakers to create a multi-discplinary experience for ticketed visitors. 


Jane brings these multi-disciplinary exhibitions to life across their entire life-cycle – starting with the inception of the idea to finding a suitable venue, raising finance to fund the production of the exhibition and liaising with artists from across a range of disciplines including contemporary art, film and music. She looks for ways to promote an exhibition through PR, marketing, brand partnerships and social media channels, and events such as talks, workshops and educational programmes. In recent years, the exhibitions have been licenced and re-created in places such as Seoul, South Korea - the most recent in 2021 / 2022 attracted almost 100,000 ticketed visitors. 


 Jane has collaborated with many people over her far-reaching career, most recently working with music pioneer James Lavelle of UNKLE and Colin Nightingale & Stephen Dobbie of immersive theatre company Punchdrunk on independent projects. Previous exhibitions also include working with Warner Bros. Pictures and the Kubrick Estate to produce an exhibition inspired by the work of the late filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. As well as exhibitions, Jane also manages and represents a 3D street artist - www.3djoeandmax.com - creating commissions across city centres and for brands and publicity launches. 


Jane is always searching for new challenges and projects that inspire her and that add to her repertoire, and is currently in development on an exciting project that promises to push the boundaries once again. Watch this space. 


For full experience and background please see Linkedin profile Jane Olivia Davies

Jane is based in the UK - in Dorset and London.